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Sexual pleasure is a human right

That's right, our friends at W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) have classified sexual pleasure as a ‘human right’. But we’ve discovered that hand limitations are preventing hundreds of millions of people from enjoying the ‘Big O’ on their own. We think that blows (and not in the good way). 


We believe everyone should be able to ‘get off’ so we’re on a mission to put sexual pleasure within (everyone’s) reach.


of physically disabled people reported difficulty due to hand limitations*

*Deliciously Disabled Research 2018



The first line of sex toys for anyone with hand limitations. 


Whether you have hand dexterity, weakness or mobility issues, or even if you just want your hands free to do...other things...we've got you. We’re busy beavering away on new products that don't rely on the use of your hands…or anyone else’s.  Our first products will be coming at you in 2021.

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